Monthly bonus questions

Posted on: 1st August 2017

I have been working on adding monthly bonus questions onto the site.

This was the most requested new feature in last year’s site survey and essentially has a few questions every month which can get you extra points.

The implementation of this new feature has been a little delayed as I opted to redesign the whole site ahead of bringing in new features. This was largely to make the site more mobile friendly as most people use mobile to access. This new design was a complete change and I started from scratch which I haven’t done in past designs so took a while.

Now that I have started on the monthly questions it has highlighted a few other areas that need sorting first. Firstly, site emails. I don’t think the layout of these has changed in about 4 years, don’t work on all email clients and frankly they need a little love. So I am going to improve these first so I have a good way of reporting the results of the monthly questions.

Apologies this new feature is delayed but as ever I keep trying to keep the site as up to date and as usable for everyone as possible.


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