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    Stoke City v Liverpool

    At The Britannia Stadium

    Sun 24.5.2015.
    15:00 kick off

    How you're scored

    1 point - for every Liverpool FC player you correctly predict will start the game

    4 points - if you correctly predict the whole starting lineup

    5 points - for correctly predicting the first Liverpool goalscorer

    2 points - for predicting the correct match outcome (ie LFC win)

    3 points - for predicting the correct score (eg LFC 8-0 Man Utd)

    3 points - Match day bonus questions

    Liverpool v Aston Villa predictions

    How LFC fans predicted the outcome, starting XI, first LFC goalscorer and the final score of Liverpool v Aston Villa on 13 September 2014;.

    The result


    Most predicted final score

    3-0 33%
    2-0 26%
    3-1 19%
    2-1 11%
    1-0 4%

    Most predicted match outcome

    Win 96%
    Draw 4%
    Lose 0%

    Most predicted starting XI

    Top first goalscorer predictions

    Mario Balotelli 59%
    Raheem Sterling 19%
    Jordan Henderson 7%
    Daniel Sturridge 7%
    Lazar Markovic 4%

    Top performers

    milkoy (17)